Monday, November 7, 2011

Tofu Tacos

We love taco night here at our home.  I always think it's going to be more work than it is, but really, it comes together in a half hour or less usually.  I like to make variations of things to keep them fresh and fun, but also hang on to the successful classics.  I started using tofu as one of my taco fillings a few years ago, and found that it worked really well.  Now, it is one of the fillings that I rotate around on taco night.  For the shells, I sometimes use a tad of oil to soften up the tortillas in a pan.  Use only as much as you need, just a couple of drops for two or more tortillas before adding more.  I find that corn tortillas sometimes need a little extra help to soften up, without breaking.  Here are some tasty toppings ideas for you, as well.

Tofu Tacos


Canola oil, divided
2 pkgs. extra-firm tofu, drained and mashed
1 vegan taco seasoning packet
20 or more corn tortillas (we are feeding five hungry vegans here, with teens!)

1/2 white onion, sliced
1 tomato, diced
Fresh cilantro sprigs
Romaine, sliced in strips
Hot sauce


Cover a large baking sheet with paper towels, set aside.  In a large pan, heat two tablespoons of the oil over medium-high heat.  Add the mashed tofu and cook until it starts to brown, about fifteen or so minutes.  While cooking, prepare the toppings.  Add the taco seasoning packet to the tofu and stir well, cooking for another minute or so.  Remove from heat.  Heat a teaspoon of oil either in a large skillet or griddle over medium heat.  When hot, add one tortilla, wait ten or so seconds - bubbles may appear on the tortilla, or it may bend at the edges - flip over and scoop a tablespoon or so of the taco mix onto one side of the tortilla.  Flip the other side of the tortilla over to cover the filling.  Remove from skillet and place on baking sheet with the paper towels.  Repeat with one or two more tortillas, until the pan is dry, and then add a teaspoon more of oil.  Fill with an assortment of the toppings.  Just a small tip: I like to add the ketchup and/or hot sauce directly on the tofu, instead of on the very top of the toppings, so none of it falls onto the plate, if there's a topping avalanche.  Very yummy.  Feeds five hungry vegans, sometimes with some cold, tasty tacos leftover for the next day's lunch.


  1. We could easily go through that many tacos, too, with two teenage boys in the house. I should put tacos on the list next week. They're always a great meal!

  2. Hello and thank you for your comment on my blog - Young Homemakers! :D

    It's really easier than it looks to create the "roses" on the cake and you only need one icing tip to get this look! :D I'm sorry *smacks head* I did mean to leave the link to the tutorial hon the post! ;D Lol! I apologize for, I don't mind sharing at all! Here you go! :D Have fun! []

    God bless! :)
    ~Miss Rachel~

  3. Molly, tacos can be put down pretty easily in large quantities, especially by the people in growth spurts!

    Rachel, thank you!

  4. I'm feeling thankful I don't have to feed anyone going through a growth spurt (at least vertically).

  5. I love Mexican food! I haven't tried tofu tacos yet. I've been debating about making some though. After seeing yours, I think I need to go ahead and make them.

  6. S.V., yours are growing vertically too, just not as tall. :-)

    Michelle, give it a try - it's a nice change of pace.

  7. We used to eat tacos all the time but maybe we overdid it because we haven't had any in a long, long time. After reading your post, I want some!

  8. Andrea, I order you to make some this week!

  9. Tacos are very important around our house. I'm embarrassed to say how many I would eat if left to my own desire. I lazily microwave our corn tortillas so I'm sure your way tastes much better!