Although when we leave town, it's usually for a tent in the woods or one of two cabins that we have the privilege of staying in a Lake Tahoe or Truckee, occasionally we do actually go somewhere else.  I will try to log vegan options around my town, as well as the few other places that we travel.  Hopefully, they can serve as a resource to you when you visit those towns, as well.

In the beginning of creating these posts, I mentioned the towns in which the restaurants were located only, but I will try and list addresses or websites in the future to make them even more accessible to you.  As usual, if you have comments or questions, you can add them below or e-mail me at . 


Ding How Restaurant - April, 2012

*Monterey Bay Area, including surrounding towns:*
Montrey Bay Trip and Food - May, 2010

*Sacramento Area, including suburbs of Carmichael, Fair Oaks and Rancho Cordova:*
Andy Nguyen's II - July, 2012
Birthday Ups and Downs - January, 2011
Gatsby's Diner
G's Birthday, - January, 2011
Huong Sen Tofu
My Birthday Food Fun, 2012
Queen Sheba, Sacramento - January, 2012

Merit Vegetarian - June, 2014

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