Friday, June 1, 2012

Avocado Strawberry Toss

Aren't these beautiful colors?  Avocados and strawberries are in their peak season right now over here, and their flavors just pop with intensity.  I just knew I had to see what they tasted like when combined.  I cut up one ripe avocado and quartered six juicy strawberries and tossed them together in a small bowl.  I debated whether I should sprinkle a little salt or drizzle a little lemon juice over the top, but then I thought that any dressing would compete with the two flavors of the fruits.  The creaminess of the avocado is a perfect complement to the sweetness of the strawberry.  But, alas, I was the only one in my family who even tried this dish.  No one else would attempt it.  Will you?  I adjusted the recipe to feed five hungry my dreams.

Avocado Strawberry Toss


3 avocados, chopped
2 - 3 cups of quartered strawberries


Add fruit together in a large bowl and gently toss.  Serve immediately.  Enjoy it!  Feeds five hungry vegans, supposedly.