Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sourdough Soy Pizza: My very first post!

Welcome! I'm glad you found me. Tonight, I made a meal that was a special request from my oldest blessing: Sourdough Soy Pizza. When I was a teenager, I loved the Stouffer's frozen pizzas on sourdough bread, so last year I decided to veganize it. I really don't know what took me so long.

Sourdough Soy Pizza

1 large loaf of extra sourdough bread (I used Colombo)
Your favorite pizza sauce, either homemade or store-bought (I used Cento)
Your favorite pizza toppings --
We used: VeganGourmet Cheese, Mozzarella Style
Fresh button mushrooms, sliced
Canned whole olives that I sliced
Marinated artichoke hearts
Gimme Lean Sausage Style, cubed and fried lightly


Preheat oven to 400 degrees and position rack second from top. Slice loaf into four equal sections and place on ungreased cookie sheet. Spread the amount of sauce you want on your pizza. I let my children top their own to their liking. Add vegan cheese, if you are using. Add the rest of your toppings. Bake for ten minutes to begin heating and combining the ingredients. Turn on the top broiler and carefully broil for three to five minutes to melt the vegan cheese, if using. Remove any of the pizzas that do not have cheese on them at this time. Careful not to burn your bread. For garnish, I used a fresh sprig of parsley from our garden. Feeds five hungry vegans, with me sharing with my youngest blessing.