Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ding How Restaurant - Davis, CA

In keeping with my attempt at showcasing restaurants during our "travels," I'm reviewing a restaurant a short distance from Sacramento.  My family discovered Ding How in Davis several years ago, but I can't remember now how.  It is a traditional Mandarin Chinese restaurant but offers a separate menu for vegetarians.  Twice a year I take my mom and Blessings to San Francisco to a museum that offers a homeschool day.  When we come home, it's begun to be our tradition to eat dinner at Ding How.  The service has always been prompt and efficient, and this time our server, David, was especially charming.  I highly recommend this restaurant, and if you are ever in Davis, California, take a chance and stop by. 

Their information is; phone: 503-753-3590; address: 640 W. Covell Blvd. They are located in a nondescript strip mall on the corner of Covell and Anderson.

Of course we chose, as usual, from the vegetarian menu.  Along with the dishes pictured, we also ordered tea and steamed rice.  David knew we were vegans and said most of the mock meats were vegan on the menu.  Here is the Vegetarian Hot and Sour Soup.  This soup is normally hot with heat and spice, so be careful when you first eat it.  It is good though and is always ordered when we show up.

My mom has a hard time with anything beyond the smallest amount of black pepper, and last time she couldn't eat the soup.  Here she is again giving it a go, brave lady.  She lasted about four spoonfuls this time.  You can see SR and GR with their bowls checking her out.  JK doesn't eat it either, so it's just me and my girls chowing down on the bowls.

This is usually ordered as well - the Vegetarian Sweet and Sour Chicken.  Very good.  Kind of blurry shot.

We enjoyed this dish, the Mandarin Braised Tofu.  JK pretty much eats as much rice and tofu as he can (along with any available baby corn), so we ordered two of this dish.

Vegetarian Lemon Chicken.  Very good.  I wish I could figure out how they do the glaze.  We went to another restaurant, now closed, that had a very similar dish, and I tried and tried to recreate it, but I just couldn't. 

Here is the Ding How Special Vegetarian Chow Fun.  First time we ordered the chow fun this way, and it was very good, like all of their dishes.

Leftovers were brought home to G, who readily enjoyed them!  All of the dishes are reasonably priced, and the food never disappoints.  Give them a try, especially if you are local!


  1. Everyething looks very tasty. The lemon tofu dish doesn't sound like anything I would expect to find at a Chinese restaurant, but still sounds good. I'm especially intrigued by the sound of the spicy soup!

  2. I love when Chinese restaurants have a separate vegetarian menu, and know what "vegan" means. Contrast this: Yesterday my husband and I stopped into a nearby Asian supermarket to get tofu to add to leftover Chinese food we were going to have for dinner. My husband asked a store worker where the tofu was located, and he didn't know what tofu was!!!

  3. FF, if you can find the veg lemon chicken in NY, you should definitely give it a go. It's been delicious in my experience. The soup is wonderfully spicy and flavorful.

    Andrea, oh, that's something! When we were in Wyoming a few years ago, G asked the hotel manager if there were any restaurants that offered veg options. The guy said, "You do know you're in WY, right?" But, he pointed us to a Chinese restaurant that did not have any tofu on the menu or in the kitchen. Ah, the midwest.

  4. Looks super delicious. I've been to the NYC Chinatown and had great veggie food, so SF and vicinity must have even better.

  5. This looks like a great place to eat! I especially like the sound of the soup & mandarin tofu dish.

  6. SV, it was super delicious! Davis is not in the Bay area. It's actually closer to Sacto than SF. SF is about 2 hours from us, and Davis is about 30 minutes.

    Molly, we should definitely be eating there more often, but then maybe it wouldn't be as special. The two dishes you mentioned were outstanding.

  7. Oh, Yum!

    I love Chinese food! Their options are always so vegan friendly. Here in Texas, we have a few fully vegetarian Chinese restaurants to choose from.

  8. Paulina, good for you! I am continually impressed with the options I hear about that Texas has to offer.