Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Root Beer Floats!

Who says vegans can't enjoy creamy, sweet goodness? Not us!  Every now and then, I love to make root beer floats for my family.  They are so simple, it's kind of silly to post a recipe.  But, think of this as a gentle reminder or encouragement to not give up the stuff we loved as kids or before we became veggie.  Drink on!

Here is my float.  As you can see, I don't have fancy tall glasses in which to serve them, so we used our Magic Bullet mugs.  I do have the long spoons for iced tea, though, which work great for scooping out ice cream.  And, of course you gotta have the crazy straw!

Here it is again from how it looks as I'm aiming for that straw.  Mm-mmm goodness.

Root Beer Floats


Vegan vanilla ice cream - we used Soy Dream
Natural root beer soda with no corn syrup or artificial colors or flavors - we used Hansen's


In a large mug or glass, scoop two large scoops of ice cream. Top with root beer.  Wait for the fizz to die down a bit, and add some more root beer.  Enjoy with a spoon and straw.  Feeds five hungry vegans or however many you have in your home.


  1. yum! i love root beer floats but haven't had one in years.

  2. Root beer is one of those things I've always wanted to like — I like the name, and there are a bunch of cool companies that make 'real' root beer. Plus everyone else seems to like it. But, alas, even the smell of root beer makes me want to . . . you know. So, I guess I won't be having a root beer float any time soon, but it sure looks refreshing!

  3. I love Root Beer Floats. Think about them all the time in fact, but for some reason I have been to able to resist making one for several years.

  4. Kelli, it's easy to forget about these old favorites. Make one this weekend!

    Andrea, like fennel, I'm guessing? :-)

    SV, oh, you gotta do it. Astonishingly easy to do!

  5. The straw is a nice touch! Root beer is the only kind of soda I ever drink - I have one every few months, and I love it until I am ready for another one a few months later.

  6. Jenny, I haven't drunk a soda in about two years, so this float was a nice treat for me! Gotta have the straw. :-)