Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Another New Family Member - Mew, mew!

Meet Aurora!

Aurora dozing on my recliner.  She looks long here, but she's just tucked up in its corner.

On Saturday we received a precious two month old kitten.  How we got her has a bit of a short story.  I got an idea in my head last year that every birthday that I had where my age ended in a zero or a five, I should get a new pet.  G mumbled some kind of acknowledgement, but I could tell he wasn't really taking me too seriously.  After all, we already had two cats and two dogs.  But...then came Cleopatra in October, and any mention of me still saying I wanted my own pet with those special birthday numbers, were quickly brushed aside by him because we now had Cleo.

Well, I justified myself by explaining that Cleopatra was in a desperate situation, and we rescued her to be a family pet.  (Never mind that she prefers me...but, of course...over everyone else!)  If you've read a certain few of my posts, you know I have OCD, and when I get something in my head, especially regarding numbers, I can't let it go. 

So, this year in January, I had that birthday that I had been warning G about.  He ignored me, simple as that, but the Blessings, well, they latched on to it.  They love the idea of having a complete kingdom of all kinds and numbers of creatures.  So, I tried to catch ferals.  I suggested we adopt a senior kitty from the shelter.  I reminded and reminded G to no avail.  Well, on Monday of last week, we ran into his niece at his sister's house, and what do you know?  She rescued a kitten that she found on the side of the street!  The kitten had a leg injury that seemed to have healed, and the niece bottle-fed it back to health.  The only thing that appeared wrong with it still was a weeping eye.  She guessed the kitten to now be two months old, and she had had it for a few weeks already.  She didn't want to keep her because she already had seven cats; she also didn't name her because she wasn't going to keep her.  She was actively looking for a home for her.

Cue everyone turning their heads to look at G.  Poor helpless, outvoted G.  One could almost feel sorry for him, the ultimate dog lover's shoulders giving way to a defeated sag, the burly face that frightens strangers on darkened streets softening under the weight of his love for his family, the heart that tries to stay hardened to the world opening up once again to a sweet little girl kitten.  Needless to say, we got her on Saturday.  And by then, he was all for it, and was reminding me to call her to let her know for sure we'd accept her.  She'll be seeing the vet for a looksie in the next couple of days.

So, the only thing that technically makes her mine is that I got to name her, and when all the kids are fighting over her, I get to say, "She's mine. Give her here."  That's pretty much it.  Oh, and I feed all the inside kitties and clean up after them (Sparkly prefers the outside most of the time.).  Yay.  The Blessings are enjoying their first kitten, and she's adjusted amazingly fast to our home and all the critters in it.  All three cats, Charlene, Sparkly and Cleopatra, are acclimating as cats do, on their own terms.  The pups are great with cats:  Abby is curious about her, but Mindy is slightly intimidated.  We are now officially outnumbered six pets to five people.  All the pets are also female, so G and JK are feeling the pinch!  So, now I technically don't have to get another pet for five more years.  Unless...


  1. What a beauty little Aurora is. Congratulations on your newest addition. Hope she gets a clean bill of health from the vet and her eye heals quickly. I think maybe you should start encouraging one of the Blessings to consider becoming a veterinarian.

  2. Well Aurora is a winner. Beautiful

    This is me: the wild magnolia....sandra hagan
    My old blog disappeared and I am trying to start again. having a few problems though. Hope you stop in to see me.

  3. So cute!!!
    OCD is good for something, then :)

  4. She looks so adorable! I'm glad your niece rescued her< and now she has her permanent home. I am a lover of both feline and canine, but it's just the Remy show around here for now, ;)

  5. She is beautiful!! Wow, you have a lot of pets!
    Peace & Raw Health,

  6. oh she's sweet! love the story. my brother just got his first cat, misty, and my friend just got a new cat, her fourth. the new looks like her other cat, opal, so she named her pearl.=)

  7. Andrea, thank you. I'm looking forward to that clean bill of health for her, too!

    Sandra, when I click on your name, it's takes me to a google page. What's your blog address?

    FF, yes, it's good for something every now and then. :-)

    Ingrid, I'm so glad she found her, too. Remy is just perfect for you.

    Elizabeth, yes, our pets outnumber us now!

    Kelli, that's a sweet story - beautiful names. :-)

  8. Congratulations to both you and Aurora.

  9. Congratulations! Beautiful kitten with a great name. I'm glad everyone's adjusting so well. And, uh.... I don't know if I should tell you this, but... I think you have Cat Addiction. ;-)

  10. SV, thanks. :-)

    Miss Rachel, thanks! Four cats equals an addiction? Sssh, don't tell my husband!