Thursday, February 9, 2012

Glorious Green Salad

I like to have a lot of fun with salads for my clan.  Sometimes, we'll have big salads on individual plates, and I'll holler from the kitchen, "Who wants carrots?  Who wants garbanzos?," and so on.  I pretty much know by now who likes what and not, but sometimes my  Blessings have changing tastes, so it's good to be reminded.  Sometimes, I'll make one huge salad that's the meal itself, with maybe crackers or something to go with it.  That's when I really load up the toppings to make the salad as varied and crunchy as possible with a symphony of flavors to tease and please younger palates.  The one I made on this night was served alongside of homemade bread sticks and dipping sauces, and everyone was well pleased and full. Below, I've listed the toppings I heaped on, just to give you a new idea or two.  Having fun with your salads is the takeaway moral of the story.

Glorious Green Salad


Romaine, chopped
Canned quartered artichoke hearts in water, drained
Red onion, slice thin
Canned garbanzos, drained
Tomatoes, cut in small wedges
Fresh spinach leaves, torn if large
Jarred julienned pickled beets
Carrots, shredded
Celery, chopped
Fresh parsley, chopped
Purple cabbage, chopped small
Raw sunflower seeds
Favorite dressings and oils and vinegars on the side


In a big bowl, layer the ingredients, except for the dressings.  I do not like to toss my salads before serving because all the goodies get hidden under the lettuce.  Instead we scoop straight down in order to get equal amounts of everything.  Drizzle your favorite dressing on top - sometimes we sprinkle a little salt and pepper on top of that - and dig in.  Served with bread sticks or crackers or toast makes for a filling meal.  Feeds five hungry vegans.


  1. Beauty and good taste — the perfect salad ingredients! I love purple cabbage in my salad, and olives and pumpkin seeds. And everything else you mentioned except onions. (I love raw onions but they upset my stomach.)

  2. That green salad indeed looks glorious! I love all the colors, flavors and textures. Yum!

  3. Your family is so lucky to have you make such healthy food for them. The salad looks wonderful!

  4. That salad is a thing of beauty! I love all the ingredients, especially the beets and the artichokes! I'm totally happy with a meal that consists of bread and salad.

  5. Gorgeous! I love beet and artichokes.

  6. Looks like a feast! I love beets, they are really good flavour to salads!

  7. Andrea, pumpkin seeds sound like a great addition. I'll have to incorporate those soon.

    Jesse, thank you!

    Molly, oh, thanks. Hopefully, the kids will appreciate it more someday, too. :-)

    Rose, it makes a good complete meal, doesn't it? G loves beets in his salad, so they had to go in, too.

    Susan, thanks! Us too.

    Lovlie, it was a feast. Beets rounded out our salad.

  8. Oh, how I long to have a salad. I haven't had time to chop and prepare much these days!