Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Royal Platter (with soy)

When my girls were much littler, I loved to make snacks for them on divided plates that were full of a variety of goodies. (And, I still do!)  What I quickly found out was that G appreciated these snacks as much as they did.  So, one night I was struck by a unique idea for dinner: to have a large platter of a variety of foods requiring no utensils, save for a couple of toothpicks for spearing.  Dipping sauces and plenty of napkins were always nearby.  Because at that time we only had daughters, I named these dinners Princess Platters.  And, they were a huge hit with all of us.  The combination of foods were endless.  Just like when we have nachos family-style, I put the platter on a tray or ottoman, and we would watch a movie in the living room.  What was also nice was that the girls would eat things that they normally would turn their noses up at because it was in the fun presentation of the Princess Platter.  So, I could sneak in healthy foods that way, too.  When JK came along, I changed the name to the Royal Platter.  This version is called "with soy" because sometimes I use baked tofu for the main protein.  I love making the platters as much as they love eating from them, and no two are ever the same.  Here is just our latest version.

Royal Platter (with soy)


Possibilities are limited only to what you can think of.  This is what we had one night:

Gimme Lean, sausage style, cut into rounds and sauteed
8 - 10 red potatoes, quartered and roasted, seasoned with salt and pepper
Celery, sliced into strips
Carrots, cut into sticks
Marinated artichoke hearts
Olives with peppers and garlic
Chocolate Chunks
Ketchup, BBQ sauce, and vegan Worcestershire sauce for dipping


Once all the food has been prepared, put it into a large divided dish.  Pair up similar foods with each other, or ones that will go well with a partner or two.  Skewer a few items with toothpicks.  Keep dipping sauces and napkins handy. Feeds five hungry vegans.


  1. This is such a great idea! I'm going to try this out next time we have people over, lots of options to keep everyone happy. Now I just need to find one of those cool platters!

  2. Awww! Food is love.

    My two cents: the Royal Platter could benefit from a dipping sauce.

  3. Ooh! Sounds like fun! Everyone needs a utensil-free meal every now and then. And I agree with Shen, a dipping sauce or three could put it over the edge! I'd use ketchup for one - because I love it. :)

  4. Fun idea. I love little snack plates that become whole meals.

  5. I LOVE divided plates so much! I have weird food separation quirks so I love these plates, and I love eating fun snack plates as meals sometimes. This one looks like it has a great variety of yummy things! I'm especially digging the chocolate/nut dessert compartment :)

  6. Claire, have fun experimenting!

    S.V., you'll note in my opening paragraph that I mention that I always have dipping sauces on hand.

    Ingrid, see my note to S.V. :-) Apparently, I need to make a note in the ingredients, as well.

    FF, thanks! Fun is good.

    Vava, it opens up variety, that's for sure. The chocolate was a hit with my kids.

    1. Uh oh...I get a C- for reading comprehension. Sorry bout that!

  7. Yumm. I used to use muffin tins for my kiddos when they were younger to hold a variety of food.

    I LOVE your platter, too. I think I should do this for myself. Thanks for sharing and reminding me this is a timeless and ageless idea.

    Wouldn't let me publish under Frutifulwords. :(

  8. S.V., tsk, tsk, where's my red pencil when I need it? That's how I grade everything.

    Lisa, thanks. How can I see your blog? Your profile is blocked.

    Susan, muffin tins sound like a great idea, too. I didn't realize this was a timeless and ageless idea. Here, I thought I was unique. :-)

  9. It's kind of like a potluck without the guests, isn't it? Cool.

  10. Andrea, except I'm the one bringing all the dishes! :-)

  11. another yummy princess dinner...spectacular!