Friday, April 8, 2011

Review: Sun Chlorella USA

Over a month ago I was contacted by a representative from Sun Chlorella USA asking if I would be interested in sampling some of their products for a review. After reviewing their website (, I thought it would be a useful thing to do. I'm not big on supplements, but G definitely is, and I knew at the very least that he would enjoy from and possibly benefit from these products.

So, they sent me regular sized boxes of their 200mg tablets and of their granules. They also sent me samples of the former two, as well as of their 500mg tablets, their facial cream, their tea, and their Wild Sun Eleuthero tablets. Right away, G inspected everything and looked up all their information online, even though they sent a bit of info along to us. He was impressed with the promoted benefits and planned on completing the full supply of the 200mg tablets and the granules. I was to share the samples with him, which was okay with me. The girls grabbed at the tea, but when I took the cream, they both claimed unfairness and said that since there were six packets, that they should be evenly divided. When I announced my age and said I deserved the cream, a general mutiny and a flurry of grabby hands ensued. It was only when they realized it was facial cream and not vegan cream for coffee that they quickly relented. I scurried into the bathroom with my booty. So, see below some fascinating pictures, along with our family's general review of Sun Chlorella USA.

What came in the box from Sun Chlorella USA

You can see the packets of cream on the right. They are single use packets, and I used them both morning and night. They had a slight green hue, which didn't bother me nor transfer to the skin. I wished the cream had been "creamier" and wasn't overall impressed or unimpressed with it - sort of meh.

I'm holding the 500mg tabs, and G is holding the 200mg tabs.

What is in each of our hands, is meant to be a daily serving. Since I am already not big on supplements, taking six huge pills or fifteen smaller pills did not appeal to me at all. G can somehow put an infinite number of items in his mouth and swallow it down with a teaspoon of water. Even though he doesn't mind taking supplements, even he was a little surprised at the daily requirement of these guys. However, although I didn't see any change in my energy or overall health, G said he did.

GR drinking the Wild Sun Eleuthero Natural Herb Tea (ignore the coffee stain on the counter)

Both girls seemed to like their tea. I had a taste and thought it was strong, but I'm not much of a tea drinker. They both added agave nectar to theirs and drank up. For the record, little JK did not like the tea, but that wouldn't be surprising.

Sun Chlorella Granules

I sprinkled my sample of their granules on my cereal one day and mixed it in. It definitely added an earthy flavor to it, not unpleasant. No healthy side effects noted. G, on the other hand, took his full box and poured a day's worth in his daily drink concoction that he stirs up and just guzzled it down with everything else. He again noted increased vitality. Hmm.

Wild Sun Eleuthero Dietary Eleuthero Supplement

Again, what's in my hand is the daily requirement. They sent us three packets, or three days' worth, of this. I don't even know what eleuthero is, and I couldn't tell the difference between this and the other tablets. But, I popped them down. You can all guess what G thought, by now.

To give you an idea of what we ingested for several weeks, the tablets and granules are pulverized cell-wall chlorella, and the eleuthero has eleuthero root and a bunch of unpronounceable things. You can purchase directly from their site or places like Amazon. They are not cheap, but not extremely expensive. A 20 day supply runs over 30 dollars, but if two or more people are taking it, then it becomes costly pretty quick. There are other products on their site, as well, ranging in price from medium-high priced to very highly priced.

So, in the end, G did most of the research. He did note that even though he thought they were a good product and offered health benefits, the sheer number of things to swallow and the price of the products would not appeal to some people. Being a single-income family, the only time we'll indulge in Sun Chlorella USA products is when they send them to us for free. Check out their site and see what you think!


  1. That's a lot of pills to swallow! I have a really hard time with pills, too, so I completely understand it being too much for you. I'd feel the same!

  2. Yes, Vegan Flower, the number of pills is just too cumbersome, I think.

  3. I was amazed at the number of pills you had to take! I'm not huge on supplements either. I know chlorella is good for you, but I'd rather just eat some kale :)

  4. Hear, hear, Maud! I think the granules would be easier to take than the tablets, if I were to do them.

  5. GR is looking way too mellow in that pic. You sure it was just algea in that tea? Peace.

    How do we know what is making G's toe grow back -- the algea pills or the radioactive fallout from Japan?

  6. Well, she is a California girl, after all. We're all about peace and love out here, S.V.
    G's toe growing back? Where'd you hear that? It's got a ways to go, girl.

  7. I thought I had found the perfect chlorella with tbis brand. Alas, it contains 3% soy. Will not be re-ordering.