Thursday, October 21, 2010

Versatile Blogger Award

Rose over at Dandelion was kind enough to honor me with this award. I like it because I can list obscure things about myself, and I think I have a lot of those! So, the rules are for me to list seven obscure things and pass this on. Please enjoy my obscurity. On a side note, and not to be included in the following list, but obscure anyways, is that this is the first time I've made an actual link! 'Bout time, don't you think? On with the show!

Seven Obscure Things About Myself:

1. I contracted pneumonia as a baby and almost died from it.

2. During summer camp when I was about six, I earned a ribbon for The Brightest Eyes.

3. When I was twelve and fourteen, I bicycled with my father down the California coast from the Oregon border to the Mexico border, and from Seattle to San Francisco, respectively.

4. When I was about fourteen, a producer of commercials saw me working in my father's office on summer break and offered me the lead in two nationwide commercials. The hitch was he wanted a private meeting with me at dinner, with no parents around. His secretary even called that night to seal the deal with me. I declined if I had to be alone with him, and I ended up seeing those very commercials a few months later with other actresses in them.

5. I've dreamt in Spanish, Russian and Sign Language.

6. I met my husband on the shoulder of a road: he was walking to the bus stop, and I was jogging before work.

7. I can do a unique clicking sound with my tongue that NO ONE else has ever been able to do.

The oh so lucky bloggers that I bestow this award on are:

1. Amanda over at Amanda's Domestic Adventures has a beautifully organized blog that is already well-received and recognized, but that doesn't stop me from publicly admiring it, as well.

2. Lyn Rose at Beautiful Vegan with her three friends has created a very special and unique blog, indeed. It is replete with activism as well as yummy recipes.

3. Sara at Busy Vegan Mama is a busy, vegan mama like me, so, well, you know...

4. Jacklyn at Go Vegan Meow! is one of my new go-to-faves. She has an incredible blog that is relatively new with photos in abundance.

5. Jenna at Healthy. Happy. Well. is a blogger that I've recently discovered, and I'm happy that I did. She offers very healthy, sometimes raw, vegan recipes.


  1. Interesting obscure things. How did you start talking to future-hubby if you were jogging and he was walking?

  2. Its so nice to know you better. I would of also declined the dinner offer, sounds like he wanted more than dinner. Congrats for the award...hugs.

  3. Oh, S.V., it took time! We smiled at each other for weeks and then said, "good morning." He had already written a poem about me, which I still have. We saw each other one afternoon and spoke briefly, but both of us were too shy to ask for any info. By chance, we stood next to each other in line at the voting polls. And that's where we were really able to have our first real conversation.

    Millie, I agree - I think he wanted more, and I felt that way even at that young age.

  4. Hey Blessed Mama,

    Great list...I enjoyed getting to know a little more about you! That bike trip sounds amazing...will you do the same with your own kids as they get to be those ages? Sounds like a perfect age for an adventure like that.

    And between your bright eyes and that winning smile, I'm not surprised someone wanted you for a commercial...good job you didn't go though...sounds like he was up to something.

    I'm very curious about that mysterious clicking sound.

  5. Hi, Rose! Well, thank you, m'dear for the award. I would really like to take my kids on long-distance bike trips. I'm waiting for JK to get a little older, like in two or so years. Yeah, that producer sounded a little suspicious, didn't he? The clicking sound is a cross between drumming fingers and a frog ribbiting. My tongue is rolled in half lengthwise, and I vibrate it. I've been stunning audiences for decades now!

  6. Great list! Do you speak Spanish, Russian and know sign language?
    That is cool about you bicycling with your dad! Very smart move on passing up the opportunity in being in the commercial. Sounds like a bad man!! I loved reading these obscure things about you! :o)

  7. Hi, Michelle, Yes, I can speak all of those to varying degrees. The trips with my dad were my favorite times with him - just him and me. Yes, I agree about the commercial producer - I think I saved my innocence...for a while. Glad you enjoyed them!

  8. Thank you so much my dear! Your words are very kind, and it just made my day :) I love your blog too. I hope you're having a lovely day wherever you are right now/


  9. You're welcome, Lyn! Having a great time here in Sacramento. :-)

  10. Thanks for fleshing out the details of your meeting. Hard to tell who stalked who in that story. I'm gonna say 'G' only because of the poem.

  11. I love your list! You are quite fascinating. I'm really glad that you married someone who would write a poem. I can't wait to tell my husband about your biking trips. He will love that.

    And Congrats on making a link. :)

  12. S.V., it was mutual stalking.

    Jenny, thank you! My husband stole my heart wtih his poetry. The bike trips were the best parts of my time with my father.

  13. thanks for the award! your bike trips sound so fun, what a great way to bond with your teenager! and i love hearing about how people met their partners, always makes me smile.

  14. You're welcome! This was a fun award because I got to list some goofy things.