Friday, April 23, 2010

Big Salads with Soy Strips

I want to start off by saying "Thank You" to everyone who commented and wished us the best on my last post about our sweet dog, Earl. Tomorrow it will be one week, and our home and backyard just hasn't been the same. I was really moved by how many people took the time to send their thoughts our way - the online world can be very wonderful.

Well, it's time, I think, to post a new dish. Every now and then we love to have big individual salads for dinner. It's our only course, and so the salads are meals in themselves. They are chock full of wonderful, crisp, crunchy veggies. I have themes, of course, for them, and this one is with soy strips. I found a brand I really like, and in fact, I use them in several recipes. So, you can obviously change up the veggies any way you like. Below, is just our latest version, and it was delicious!

Big Salads with Soy Strips

2 tsp. canola oil
2 pkgs. of Morning Star Farms Meal Starters Chik'n Strips
Your favorite veggies on hand. We had:
1 big head of Green Leaf lettuce, chopped
Red cabbage, chopped
Mushrooms, halved and sliced
Marinated red bell peppers, halved and sliced
Carrots, grated
Vegan cheese, finely grated (we used Vegan Gourmet, cheddar style)
Celery, chopped
Green onions, sliced
Your favorite salad dressing (one of mine is Annie's Naturals Shitake & Sesame Vinaigrette)


Heat oil over medium heat in skillet. Add the strips and cook until browned, about five minutes or so. Once the strips have browned, let them cool a few minutes. Prepare the veggies while waiting and while the strips cool down. Chop the strips into small, bite-sized chunks. On individual plates, serve up the lettuce and the veggies and strips into whatever quantities everyone wants. Add a couple of tablespoons of salad dressing, and dig in! Very easy. Feeds five hungry vegans.


  1. This salad doesn't have any olives in it! It can't be any good!

  2. I keep forgetting how pretty and yummy red cabbage and different greens are in a salad. I was doing that often in salads a long time ago and simply forgot - in favor of playing with assorted dark greens and watercress. Thanks for the memory jog- I am adding red cabbage to my shopping list

  3. Oh, S.V., sometimes my kids are so quick to eat those olives up, I hardly have a chance to get them in a dish! But, I'll tell them that you said we better post about olives again. :) They fear you and your wrath.

    I.S.F., there are so many yummy things out there, it's hard to remember all of them, isn't it? Have fun crunching away!

  4. I love salad for dinner so you know this is right up my alley.

    The addition of red cabbage is definitely both a beautiful and healthy touch. I am so impressed your kids will eat it. When I was a kid I would not go near it. ;-)


  5. I love red cabbage in my salads! But, I have to be careful to chop it pretty small, so that appeals to the rest of my family. I like it big and chunky, but the others - not so much. And, yes, everyone likes salad here, so that's a good thing. Each one of my children actually started eating it when they were about a year old. I found myself offering them all kinds of food, and then with my oldest I wondered, hmm, will she like lettuce? So, I gave it a shot, and wha-la! She liked it! So, I did the same thing with my other two and got the same results. If you introduce it early enough, I believe even babies will respond to healthy food.

  6. I love, love, love salads. My son calls me and his wife the 2 vegan rabbits because we eat so much greens. Good job blessedmama.

  7. I am big salad girl! Not so much in the winter, but it is all I want in the summertime. This looks delicious! I love the use of cabbage and mushrooms, two of my favorite things!!! I wish I could get some Annies salad dressing s here! Lucky!!!

  8. Thank you, Millie. :)

    Well, Brandi, since you have my house, I don't feel badly at all that you can't find Annie's. Harumph.

  9. That is hilarious and just mean!!!!!

  10. You know, I haven't bought those morning star strips since I quit dairy. I hadn't realized they were vegan, hurrah! It's funny you mention that shitake dressing, I was JUST eying that at the grocery store during my lunch break today. I decided not to buy it, but your endorsement changed my mind. I'll pick it up next time :)

  11. Oh, Sarah, I think you'll enjoy the dressing. The hard part is not pouring a 1/4 cup on your salad, it's so good. I'm loving your India posts, by the way.

  12. I love salads. This one looks yummy!

  13. Me too, Jenn. This one's good.