Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fresh Summer Fruit Salad

We make a lot of fruit salads, and the summer seems to offer such a wonderful variety of natural sugary goodness.  This is an example of one of the salads I made a few weeks back, when the fruit was still at its most flavorful.  I added a bit of coconut and raisins for some extra variety.  I served this with some of my homemade rolls .  It makes for a nice lunch or a light dinner. 

Fresh Summer Fruit Salad


1/4 of a large watermelon, approximately four cups, chopped
1 cantaloupe, seeded, cut away from rind and chopped
2 mangoes, diced   * See tip below on how to prepare a mango
2 bananas, sliced
1 nectarine, chopped
1/2 cup shredded coconut
1 small snack box of raisins, approximately 1/4 cup


Put all ingredients in a large bowl.  Gently toss together and serve immediately.  Feeds five hungry vegans.

* There are two ways that I have found the easiest to get at the succulent mango.  One is to peel the ripe fruit with a paring knife.  Once you get the peel going, it is easy to just grasp ahold with your fingers and pull it off the fruit.  Once the fruit is peeled, you can take a larger knife and slice the two wide halves of the mango away from the fibrous pit inside.  Then you can go around the edges and slice away any large chunks of mango still attached to the pit.  Anything left over but too small to cut off, can munched on directly.  Just wash your hands afterwards.  The second way is to leave the peel on and slice away the wide halves like above.  With the fruit still in the detached peel, you take your knife and carve cubes into the mango.  Then, laying the peel flat, carefully slice under the mango cubes, releasing them from the peel.  For the remainder of the mango still attached to the pit, you may do the same or peel and cut away as in the first option.  One of these choices should appeal to you more than the other.  Either way, don't let the fact that you have to work a little harder deter you from getting at a fresh mango.  They are worth it!


  1. I could go for a big bowl of fruit right now, especially one with mango & nectarine in it. Yum!

  2. I would never have thought to put raisins in a fruit salad but that sounds pretty nice. I love fruit salad with mint in it!

  3. Beautiful salad! Adding raisins is inspired!

    Oh, how I miss summer fruit when it goes out of season.

  4. I make a fruit dish with mango, bananas, and coconut and it is so yummy together!!!!

  5. Molly, it always sounds good, doesn't it?

    FF, Mmm, I'll have to try mint!

    Rose, thank you! I know, that's why I'm going to try and preserve some of mine some day.

    Color, sounds like mine a little. :-) We must think alike.

  6. Yum! That totally looks like a salad that my mom would put together for us back in the day! I wish I had all those fresh fruits! I would make a fruit salad right now!

  7. Carissa, I wish you did too. But, Hawaii will have some wonderful offerings pretty soon!

  8. I'm putting a lot of fruit in front of my children these days because all of their friends are starting to get sick. And I'm not ready for sickness around here yet!

  9. Is there some way you could help me bring back summer?

  10. I love fruit salad! The options are limitless and always delicious. This looks perfect!

  11. Looks restaurant quality. In fact, I'm quite suspicious of this photo, but I'll have to take your word that you made the above Fruit Salad and Buttered Roll.

  12. Jenny, yes, we are struggling with the sniffles around here, so protect your little ones!

    Andrea, Hmm, I predict that in about nine months I'll be able to bring it back for you.

    Sarena, thank you!

    S.V., it warms my heart that you think I would steal someone else's photo. But, if you must verify, notice the wood grain on my table and compare. I've just never been so complimented in all my life! Sigh.

  13. Oh, I know you would never steal someone else's photo.

    I just thought you might have taken a picture of food in a restaurant and passed it off as one of your homemade goodies. (Dibs on that idea, BTW)