Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Garden Pictures - January, 2011

Time for more garden pictures! When I started posting pics of my garden last year, I made a plan to do this every five months to illustrate what can grow in a Sacramento garden throughout the year. Well, apparently January gives us a pretty dismal garden, but it's a pact that I made with myself, so it cannot be broken! We had a pretty hard frost that lasted about a week that really took a toll on some of our plants, as you'll see. I didn't photograph everything because some of our trees, as adorable as they are, are just sitting there. So, I'm showing stuff that actually has some action, or I have questions about, and then a strangely sparse ground that has something to do with my husband, G. Oh, and some new pics of the pets, of course!

This is our nectarine tree. We planted her last March, and over the summer she gave us one beautiful nectarine that we shared. I'm not sure what these little bumps are, they aren't quite green buds, but I like 'em!

This is our grapevine. We're not sure if it's dead from the frost, or just dormant. We're new at grapes. Anybody know?

Okay, this shot has a story. I planted rows and rows of seeds for short, stubby carrots. As planned, up sprouted blades of green, boldly reaching for the warm sky that was lurking above the gray pillows hiding it. So, I come out one day to check on them, and they're all gone! It turns out my dear G weeded that nasty grass for me that was growing in my garden bed. I couldn't thank him enough! Now, instead of grassy, non-existent carrots, I have several of these things coming up, which mysteriously resemble my bulb flowers from the front yard. Did they migrate here, over the fence, and around the corner? I'm curious to know what these little buggers will turn out to be. Maybe they're really mutant, husband-resistant carrots, come to plump up my salad bowl!

Oh, this pathetic bed has tried and tried to provide good service to me over the past several months. G has transplanted our too tart, too small strawberries, that nobody likes, in here in the bottom left corner and upper right corner. That sprig of lettuce in the upper left corner has been growing for about a year and hasn't gotten any bigger. Can you make out the purply leaf near the upper middle? That's a beet plant. I planted dozens of seeds, and most of them came up, only to be gobbled up by pesky slugs. This is the lone survivor, but he is badly chewed, and hasn't grown since the frost. I may harvest it just to see what's underneath. In the bulk of the bed, I've just planted green onion seeds. Gulp...they look like grass when they grow, don't they?

Okay, here's the bed that houses my once flourishing artichoke plant and kale. In the foreground is my once thriving artichoke. That big stalk is the original trunk. Well, I wanted to let one thistle completely bloom to see what it would look like, and apparently that's a sign to the plant that it needs to die. And, it did. We were going to pull it, when we saw new signs of life near the bottom; so here it is again, springing forth anew. The one just behind it, we planted last year. They probably won't give us new flowers until next year. Our kale, to the right of the artichokes, has been hit hard by the frost. I'm hoping for a resurgence in the Spring.

This is our little Mandarin orange plant. Look at the cute, little presents she's giving to us!

Here's Mindy. She and Abby are 9 and 1/2 weeks old now.

And, Abby.

Last time I took pics of the cats, their tags showed our info, and I didn't want all you guys, er, I mean the Internet calling me, so I didn't print them. Now, my kitties are private, so you can see them again. Here's Charlene, on our car, looking superior, as she should be.

This is actually a neighbor's cat, Fancy, who's here 95% of the time, so I included her.

Here is cranky Sparkly in one of the three cardboard boxes that we keep putting out for Fancy.

And here is one of the two brand-new cat houses that G made for Sparkly and Charlene, complete with a porch and roof, a scratching post, and a ledge for their food. The blanket is sticking out of their cozy home. But they sleep in cardboard boxes. And, Fancy sleeps on the soil underneath a folding chair by the door. Silly cats.


  1. Lovely post! I love seeing a garden, even in the winter. Thankfully spring will come again as the wheel surely turns.

    The kitties and puppies are the sweetest!

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Love the garden! It is better than the tumbleweeds we grow here in the desert! The puppies are so adorable. We have two littermate yellow labs that are six yrs old now. Hope you are doing well!

  3. I like the animal shots, especially Charlene. Not that I would play favorites. I can understand not wanting to blast your info on the 'Net, but thanks for reminding us where you are located. Here everything is snow covered, no green grass or little nub buds yet.

  4. he DID NOT pull up your carrots!oh my gosh i was cringing over here as i was reading that!!

    "I've just planted green onion seeds. Gulp...they look like grass when they grow, don't they?"

    hahah i got that:) good one!

    car cat
    rock cat
    box cat

    got it.

    thanks for showing us the blessed animals:) how has being a grandma been so far??those pups are too cute, such droopy little faces:)ttysoon BM

  5. Thank you, Wild Magnolia. Spring can't come quick enough for my little garden!

    Hiya, Judi! Long time - I hope you're doing well, too! Litter pups work really well together, that's for sure.

    Ha, Jessica, the girls are going to scream when they see you favor Charlene. I kinda do, too, if I have to confess. She is so snooty that she barely tolerates them loving on her. And that's the way it should be for Queen Charlene, should it not?

    Michelle, I had to laugh at the cat observations! It wasn't until you pointed it out that it registered with me that they were all sitting on something. Well, what do you expect? They shouldn't get dirty, you know. As far as my sweet G, he truly is helpful. It was just that one goof. But, I gotta love him!

  6. I am so excited about your garden. I wish I had been heathier last year. I have a beautiful spot to garden. I love all your pet babies!!

  7. Love the garden update! I think a regular garden log or journal is a great idea--not only is it fun to look back at your garden through the years to see how things have changed and grown, but can also serve as a reference for future planting etc..

    The nectarine and mandarine trees look promising! I'm sure this year your little nectarine tree will provide a few more for you, how exciting! And you have to show us the oranges when they get big enough to eat! How cool it must be to eat oranges from your own garden.

    So your husband weeded the carrots? Good thing mine doesn't step foot in the garden (not his cup of tea) or I"m sure everything would get "weeded". But the "husband proof" carrot looks interesting, LOL, keep us posted on what appears.

    Love the puppy pics and the kitty pics! Fancy knows where the good times are! And that is one rockin' cat house!

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  9. How are we supposed to find your house if we can't read the cat collar? I'm getting a vibe you don't want us to come over;-(

  10. I never grew grapes before so I am not sure. I love your plants! I can't wait for spring here!!! Your garden looks great. I love the pics of all the babies. They are all too cute! I love the new cat cat! Can he build me one :)

  11. Viv, I hope you are healthy enough this year to plant. I would love to see a garden of yours, especially with all the good smoothies you'd make from it.

    Rose, Yes, it's been fun creating this garden journal. It makes me realize how many things we truly do have. When they all come, we'll never go hungry! I am very excited about the future nectarines. Lucky for the kids, we have a whole tree, or else they'd be fighting me for them! Isn't my G so helpful? And, I think the neighborhood cats have sent out some kind of signal of available food and loving arms at our house! :-)

    S.V., Was that first message you deleted your address that you were posting, so we can all come and visit you? Don't be shy now!

    Carissa, thanks for touching on the grapes - I guess we'll have to wait for Spring and see what happens. When we're in Nebraska next time, I'll have G build you a cat house, too!

  12. Love the garden and animal pics. January is a harsh time for most gardens, but good for you for sticking to your pact about posting pics! (That makes one stronger, I hope--sticking to those things.)
    As far as the grape goes, we have several in our yard that were here before us (10+ yrs). But, as poor as they look each winter, they come back each time. I'm not sure on the pruning process. I know one year we cut them back drastically and they practically took over the yard the next Spring.
    Here's to a healthy, productive garden for you!

  13. Thanks for the input on the grapes, Reggie! I sure hope they come back for us, too.

  14. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can have a descent garden this year. I am going to do a lot of things different. I just don't have a green thumb though. Looks like you have a great garden!
    All the cute animals...they just make you smile. I especially fond of those cute puppies though. :o)